— is a digital platform that will bring together the work of russian-speaking anti-war artists

when we conceived the project, we were convinced that the crisis would push us to re-assemble — to explore and make strong statements, to develop a language of struggle. it turned out otherwise. we are lost, and it is from this point that we begin a dialogue with you. why do we do theatre in 2022? what is russian art today, how to talk about it, and who needs it? we propose to sort this out together.

  • we produce our own and promote

    already existing theatre and performance projects whose authors speak out against russia's war in ukraine.

  • we argue that the russia's policy is imperialist and colonialist

    together with the artists we will look for answers to the questions: how to make sense of the past, but not live it? how to interact with other cultures, for whom Russian is the language of oppression? how to work with guilt and responsibility? and how not to lose ourselves in all this?

  • we want to support the artists

    our task is to help them find each other and their audiences, both in the russian federation and abroad.

  • we focus on digital as well as hybrid projects

    who are simultaneously present online, on our platform, and offline, on friendly platforms outside the russian federation. in this way, borders between countries and miles between people won't affect communication. this way, we can get to know communities without imposing our own rules, but rather by being sensitive to local contexts.

  • we use our knowledge and experience

    to build ties in communities divided by war, dictatorship and propaganda from the rf.