after a trauma

after a trauma


webzine on how trauma affects the brain and human behaviour


  • alena fedorchenko

    author of the idea, text

  • lera nerybka



"after a trauma" — webzine is about how trauma affects the human brain and behaviour. why does risk seem so appealing, but safety is not trustworthy? where does tolerance for violence come from? why is it so difficult to love when it is painfully necessary? and where is my home? this project for me is an attempt to go beyond the identity of the victim. by determining the starting point of the "breakdown" of a little girl in her relationship with her father, i have recorded and reflected on the events in my biography, where the consequences of childhood trauma are most clearly visible. artist lera nerybka has designed serious themes in her trademark naive style, and I have added not only autobiographical stories, but also research data on ptsd, self-help practices and the opinion of the psychotherapist I work with to the body of the project. I hope that the webzine will be a support for some, although I would be happier if it remained just an entertaining story rather than a reflection of whole phenomena that are now looped back into our country's history.
alena fedorchenko