bye, dad

touring performance "bye, dad"

"resistance theatre is organising its first tour - we will show a play by the alexander kudryashov theatre company of the alexander kudryashov theatre company in our friendly venues in almaty, yerevan, tbilisi and bishkek.


  • alexander kudryashov

    director, artist and composer. he worked in moscow and other russian cities. after the start of the war in ukraine he worked in moscow and other cities in russia. he left the russian federation in september 2022.

  • василий шарапов

    стрит-арт художник, сценарист и шеф-драматург
    театральной компании александра кудряшова. считает
    институциональный театр в рф слабым, лживым и податливым перед лицом
    войны, разрабатывает
    альтернативные ему проекты.


1 h 30 min.


how do you accept the scary things in your own person? is it possible to renounce this - the terrible and the familiar -? is there a way to reject it? alexander kudryashov's play-remembrance kudryashov about his father who fought in chechnya.

anatoliy alexandrovich's biography it does not at all resemble the heroic story about the defender of the fatherland that we know from Russian propaganda. we do not know what kudryashov senior believed and fought for, what was behind his choice other than his desire to imitate his friends, the same contract soldiers. his son is deliberately silent about all this. we know what he got in the end: a country that paid him more than 2,000 rubles a month and keeps quiet about chechnya to this day.
anton khitrov in a review for meduza