from nowhere with love

laboratory "from nowhere with love"

how do we turn a sense of loss into a search for roots? how do we see the connection to past and future life where there are no friends and loved ones? how do we accept that the world - global and personal - has changed, but not let it disappear?

we are separated by borders and it is not clear how long we will be separated. But this does not mean that old lives should or can be forgotten. the series of meetings "from nowhere with love" tries to find new points of interaction - to feel connected to the places we have left behind and to people who are now far away.

together with the curator and the other participants, you will practice automatic writing, draw maps, search for sound, visual and movement rhymes. some tasks will be done asynchronously in a shared chat room; others will be video-linked meetings and synchronous walks around the city where you are.

we will try together to recreate the disintegrated bond of time and space, or at least get a sense of how, for now, we are standing in between, and these wrecks are whales to lean on, even if they are floating.

participation is free.


  • elena gordienko

    a theatre researcher in non-theatrical spaces, postdoc at the new sorbonne. she left russia in march 2022. she lives in paris.


    together with lena, the laboratory will be led by a guest co-host, who has chosen to remain anonymous. she explores questions of the creative appropriation of spaces, including native and 'foreign' cities.