fucked up lab

fucked up lab

participants in the online lab will work with “pizdetz”* as material, turning it into projects. this can be any kind of “pizdetz” - global or personal. the main thing: the feeling of cunt will become a reason for joint interaction, and art will become a tool for analysing and reflecting on one's experience.

the main aim of the online lab is to learn how to practice creativity in everyday life and how to extract art tools from oneself in a free flow.

you'll be making live art - any projects connected with action: performances, performances, actions, drifts. but also podcasts, documentary databases, street art interventions and arts and crafts. the main thing: to discover in each of the forms you choose a performative quality, an action in the broad sense.

the "fucked up lab" is a training module in the format of a performative sanatorium, where participants take on different roles. relying on their own choice and the educational programme, they will be authors and co-curators, observers and relaxers. the lab views life and creativity as something indivisible, and therefore examines one by the tools of the other.

*pizdetz (russian word) — short description of a situation, usually negative. this particular use is probably the most widespread. a  situation may be described as heavily negative by this sole word. for example, an answer „pizdetz” to a question „Kak dela?” (How are you?) bears a meaning close to „Everything’s totally fucked up”.


  • artem tomilov

    lab curator


i hate doing selection. it makes me sick, because i have to work out the criteria for evaluating people, looking for correspondence between them, and most importantly, being an actor of rejection. of course, i am much closer to the natural group creation method. but there are situations where a limit has to be built for the sake of providing all participants with sufficient attention during work. fuck it. so i can't think of anything better to do now than to post an open call with a questionnaire that will allow me to enter the intuitive selection process. i apologise in advance if you don't make the so called list. and please remember that this selection may not include anything that describes you personally
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