one long day

one long day

on 8 december at 16:00, the resistance theatre will organise a listening and discussion of the audio performance one long day. this is a project by an anonymous team of artists, based on eyewitness accounts of the war in ukraine.


40 min


auditioning and discussion with the performance team will be free, but at the request of the author_women, we are registering to verify the audience. tell us a little about yourself, so we know who to expect at the meeting. your details will only be seen by the organisers of the 'resistance theatre' and the performance team.

shortly before the meeting, you will receive a link to a closed telegram-channel. there will be instructions for listening to the performance and an audio-room for discussion afterwards.

there you will also be able to make a donation which will go to help ukrainians suffering because of the war started by russia.

places are limited.

the play is based on eyewitness accounts of the war in ukraine. some are taken from the public domain and some have been voiced in personal conversations. the only passages written by the production team are transitions between the parts, which help female listeners to navigate through the narrative. the production team does not make up or retell the stories of ukrainian women in their own words.