to leave to stay

to leave to stay

series of audio plays
about young women from ukraine


all episodes of the performance are available on podcast platforms and on youtube.

three stories based on documentary evidence show the changes in the lives of civilians since the start of the war. these are stories of the inability to live in ukraine and the inability to leave. each of the plays tells of these problems through different themes: work, love and everyday life
irina serebryakova

irina is a playwright from ukraine who left her country after the war began. in november, she suggested that the resistance theatre make a series of audio plays based on her three plays. the first two were written by her personally, while the third was co-written with masha denisova, an artist from kyiv. we connected irina with the independent fulcro theatre team, who undertook the work on the audio plays. they will be available free online at any time.

performers and creators:

my digital state

lida — alya goldman

voices of happy mobile app users — sasha drugov, nastya gordymanova, dasha Delman, nikita goldman-koch, lesha dragunsky, anton varaksin, nikita oleynikov, katya tikhonova, polina pakhomova

tatiana nikolaevna — anonymous


my european love

marina — nastya gordymanova

ivan — nikita goldman-koch


women in the dark

actress 1 — katya tikhonova

actress 2 — dasha delman


sound engineer — andrey mirny

composer — sasha gefen

curator — dasha shamina

producers — anya ginzburg, lisa shkolnik, sonya gromova


fulcro theater company


we thank shai becker personally for his help in organizing the recording