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Identities in the Midst of War


The season opened with a public discussion with Madina Tlostanova, where viewers and potential participants of the open call discussed the decolonial perspective on identification during wartime and the role of imagination in this process. The discussion script was published on Sygma.

We received 77 projects, out of which 7 were created and presented on our platform from November 2023 to January 2024. Among them are a documentary performance, a digital performative lecture, two laboratories, and two works at the intersection of cinema and performance.



museum of non-imaginary stories

Supported by the Resistance Theatre, the first exhibition of Russian artists called "museum of non-imaginary stories" took place at a major European institution in November 2023 in Lyon, France. The team managed to share what is happening today in Russia with at least someone in Europe.

You can see how it went here.

What are you doing?

"What Are You Doing?" is the title of an audio series by Ksyusha Shachneva and Nastya B. from the first season of Resistance Theatre. The series explored the lives of couples and families experiencing forced separation due to the war. Today, it also serves as the name for both the series and an educational program focused on working with audio formats during wartime. The authors sought to gain new experiences while sharing their own, assembling a program consisting of four lectures, an open call, and podcast production, set to be released in May 2024 on the "Theater of Resistance" platform.

Lecture recordings are available here.

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